I do not want to be tolerated or included.

Interestingly enough people sometimes get surprised and/or offended when they hear me say that I do not want to be tolerated or included.  Tolerance and inclusion while at first glance they appear to be favorable concepts in a deeper level they are a “softer” expressions of violence and ostracism. To be tolerated and included, speaks of some standards constructed and approved by the dominant group/culture, in which the “other” clearly do not fit, can’t follow, is not part of. Following these constructed guidelines create the myth of the normative way of being, behaving and cultural expression, that leave those who do not conform and fit as marginals, therefore in need to be graciously included and tolerated.I am not interested in that fitting into some “civilized” and “educated” scheme.

In renouncing that frame of reference I ideologically and practically join the many grassroots movements, renouncing the assumptions and myths crafted and impose by the dominant culture on who and what people need to be in order to be valued. With these groups and people I join in re-membering, re-claiming, re-shaping and re-defining our human value and identity from the perspective of community, family, organic wisdom and education, inter-personal economics, celebrations, incarnational spirituality and homegrown liberated spaces. 


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