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Month: April 2009 (page 1 of 8)

sound bites of life on 2009-04-30

  • AM MSH guys breakfast out. Now I’m at Capitol Hill Library catching up with emails and waiting for lunch with the famous Becky Crook. #
  • I know I’m overdue of a blog post re: @emergentvillage Discernment Gathering in DC last weekend. I’ll have up by tonight, I promise! #

sound bites of life on 2009-04-29

  • RT @emergentvillage Just posted: an “official” recap of #evdc09: http://is.gd/vg7K #
  • @spiritfarmer pipe time this weekend. #
  • At home beginning to relax with New Belgium Fat Tire in hand. #
  • Glad about the progress we made on the Mustard Seed Rule/Rhythms/Affirmations of Life this morning. #
  • RT @emergentvillage Michael Toy’s account of #evdc09: “‘The U’, and You” http://is.gd/vqia – “A Requiem for Emergence” http://is.gd/vqi #
  • RT @julieclawson more thoughts on #EVDC09 and the idea of emergent insiders – http://tinyurl.com/ck9byz #
  • Back from a good walk and reflective time at Green Lake. Now to cook Guanimes con Bacalao Guisao’ for the community Dinner at MSH. #
  • Going on Saturday to the Northwest Intentional Communities Assoc. Annual Gathering – Want to join us? http://tinyurl.com/dar3e4 #

sound bites of life on 2009-04-28

  • At Phoenix Airport. Exhausted. About 6 more hours until I get home. #
  • Finally landed in Seattle #
  • RT @julieclawson: posted some of her thoughts about the Emergent Village DC gathering – http://tinyurl.com/da79yj #
  • RT @makeesha: My first installment of thought about #evdc09 can be found here. http://makeesha.com/post/101091962/evdc09 #
  • Still processing the beauty of #evdc09. I’ll try to articulate something later tomorrow. Now to my first cup of coffee. #
  • RT @cwdaniels: The only rapture I believe in is the one I find when I look deep into the eyes of my wife and daughter. > Beautiful! #
  • @cwdaniels I met Becky Tucker briefly when he did some internship work at Church of the Apostles Seattle. #
  • Kisses, hugs, waffles, homemade pear sauce, fresh coffee and diapers to change – What a beautiful way to be welcome back home this morning! #
  • RT @netzercurator: Pt. 1 of #evdc09 follow up posted at http://www.curatingthejourney.org #
  • @cwdaniels I was in DC. You can read by the posts of the other participants it was a “weighty” and hope-full time. I’ll share a bit later. #
  • @dpark75 same here. Hopefully sooner than later. #
  • @jordanrickard Re: Pandora – Skatellites or Hepcat. #
  • @knightopia I’ll get something up on my blog tonight or tomorrow at the latest. I got home late last night. My brain is mushed. #
  • I just realized that I’ll be part 2 more discernment meetings- tonight & tomorrow AM. I do not have much emotional energy to give right now. #

sound bites of life on 2009-04-27

  • @spiritfarmer I wish I could have been there. #
  • @julieclawson rest and enjoy the time with the kids. #
  • Now I lay myself to rest after a hope-full day w/ new & old friends, DC Metro trips and a good convo w/ folks of the West Hayttsville House. #
  • @postmodernegro See! I was not the only one thinking of Chick Tracks – http://twitter.com/PeterRollins/status/1628165210 #
  • oh, oh I’m in trouble is just 5AM PST and I’ve been fully awake for an hour. My body go used to East Coast time way too fast. #
  • interesting to find this after talking about Re: old models of distribution & gatekeeping in the publishing world http://tinyurl.com/cvmebp #
  • @MHMorgan so much better. I enjoy conspiring with Wendy this weekend. Much love sister. #
  • RT @makeesha @soupiset: back from #evdc09 — gratitude, hope, clarity, resolve, consensus. Speechless. > Blessed to share the story w/ you. #
  • Hoping the Swine Flu stays away from boarding my plane today. After surviving the strand that @soupiset was carrying this weekend. #
  • RT @ChristineSine Report on Spirituality of Gardening Seminar http://tinyurl.com/dhmwov #
  • At BWI airport heading home. Looking fwd been with my peeps and family at the Mustard Seed House #

sound bites of life on 2009-04-25

  • Good times in DC speaking Spanglish and sharing stories with David Ramos tonight after a great start to the @emergentvillage meeting. #
  • I joined twitter on 23 August 2007 – http://whendidyoujointwitter.com ? #
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