sound bites of life on 2009-03-26

  • RT @humanspectrum: Pictures of Spring and the human spectrum #
  • Tonight: dinner, play with kids, put kids to bed, dishes, tea with wife, community evening prayer, books, sleep. In that order. #
  • @jaybakker lucky you.@jaybakker #
  • @brainjuice at starting the app, I don’t even get a chance to start posting. #
  • @makeesha sorry to jump into the conversation, but same here in terms of inclusion and diversity. #
  • RT @MHMorgan: RT @breyeschow: A few thoughts for my mainline “emergent” friends post #
  • FYI March 21-28 Week of Solidarity with the Peoples Struggling against Racism and Racial Discrimination #
  • @wendy_johnson you probably had them at hello. #
  • Walking with Catie to her dance class. Picking up coffee and hot cocoa on our way. It is a nice day for a daughter & daddy morning stroll. #
  • @lofitribe calvinistas is how it is said in Spanish. #
  • Book Recommendation: The Becoming of G_d by Ian Mobsby One of my best spiritual/religious/emerging read of 2008. #
  • live chatting with @missional #
  • eating a german ketchup & peanuts chocolate bar, it is better than you think. Thanks to Becky. #

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