sound bites of life on 2009-03-21

  • @otherthan #
  • Bedtime, nite, nite kids. #
  • Off to Community garden woek after homemade waffles to the deep theological beat of Maestra Vida by Rubén Blades. #
  • Good morning turning soil and compost at the Mustard Seed House garden. We have so many worms, we might start our own sustainable business #
  • Kids in the tub, chants playing in the background, Ricci’s reading Mother Jones. Me sipping chai and reading Grassroots Postmodernism. Relax #
  • @jonathanbrink how’s the ethnic, racial diversity ratio? #
  • Getting ready for COTA tonight. Service start at 5PM but now we are a fam of 5 and it take us this long to get ready. #

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