sound bites of life on 2009-03-20

  • RT @humanspectrum: Interracial Couples Invest More In Children – article still relevant #
  • Wanna know more about spirituality and gardening? #
  • God is interested in our whole being, not in just in our religious to-do list. It is more about becoming than accomplishing. #
  • RT @soupiset: Announcing the launch of – an artifact of the emerging church conversation #
  • @soupiset what a brave endeavor in such a time. Blessings. #
  • unplugging. #
  • @markvans Cesar Chavez, Monseñor Romero #
  • Doing the Christian-Anarchist thing- reading to the kids, laundry and cleaning the kitchen. No seriously is revolutionary, think about it. #
  • RT @jaybakker: I think You should leave a church before you split it. We have enough brokenness in the world. Right on! #
  • @jaybakker re:church like a bad parent whom eat it’s children. #
  • Dancing with the Devil, Part 1: The Semi-Sober Reflections of an Anarchist Businessman #
  • @rcarrasco look in your inbox . #
  • In Seattle – looking for arty types who might like to help organize a last minute-ish Good Friday art/dance -contact me or @timothy_mathis #
  • @otherthan contact @timothy_mathis #
  • are you a “stay at home dad”? (HT @cwdaniels ) #
  • @otherthan that’s what Quicksilver is for. #

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