sound bites of life on 2009-03-17

  • @Casmar do you mean Querido Eliacín? #
  • In Seattle- You still have time tonight to join conversation & panel discussion Why the Homeless? depth class #
  • RT @humanspectrum: Color blind Britain – UK has one of the fastest growing mixed race populations in the world #
  • RT @humanspectrum: equal opportuntiy recession? African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans & Asians bearing the brunt #
  • watching Dorothy Day talk about Anarchism. #
  • Farina always remind me of home. #
  • Is St. Patrick the only saint that evangelicals allow themselves to recognize? No mentioned of the both St. Gregory’s last week. #
  • @jasonevans Catie actually like how I do her piggie tails, “they’re different” she says. #
  • @mattwiebe that’s funny and true, plus he has become a domesticated saint, which makes him more manageable. #
  • Listening to John Howard Yoder speaks about the limitations of Democracy #
  • Can you name other saints to celebrate without having to wear green? #
  • Book recommendation: Oscar Romero: Memories in Mosaic #
  • @soupiset there is already a Saint Eliacín, he lives his holy life quietly in the little town of Juana Díaz, PR. I’m blessed to be his son. #
  • RT @patl: @eliacin The St Patrick we celebrate has virtually nothing to do with the historical figure. Kinda like Jesus in that respect. #
  • @PeterRollins very nice. Thanks for sharing. #
  • RT @zachtroberts: “The preacher no longer needs to preach, for there are Christians who preach by their own lives.” #Romero #
  • @alexispl Rosario is a beautiful name. #
  • @alexispl an iPod touch kindle #
  • RT @Argon52: McLaren: Discernment is a Spiritual Discipline of the church. We need to pick this disciple up back again and live into it. #
  • @breyeschow that is #dork. You’re welcome. #
  • RT @andredaley: Interested in Intentional Community in Grand Rapids Franklin Farm’s 4th unit is ready for more members #
  • ok… ok.. I better get some house work done. Practicing the presence of G_d while vacuuming. #

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