sound bites of life on 2009-03-16

  • @emergentvillage @livingsexuality niether the romantic concept of marriage by choice. #
  • Dishes done, kids feeling a bit better, clothes still to be fold, lotsa dirty little diapers – performing acts of spiritual nurturing. #
  • “The more grace you receive, the more work you end up doing.” #
  • @wendy_johnson before you head to sleep? HA! As if I didn’t know you guys! Many blessings to all of you. #anglimergent #
  • @rmswanny have a great time today. Give a hug to Michelle and Sara for me, will ya? #
  • digging the new design for #
  • hey church/religious/spiritual leader/facilitator/companion are you trying to live what you are calling “your” people to be? Just asking. #
  • RT @episcopalcafe: Church foreclosure rate rising: Young congregations are struggling across this country … #
  • @cwdaniels Congratulations!! We’ll be having coffee soon. #
  • @wbboyd #coffee that is a nice burning bush in your latte. Moses would have been impressed. #
  • Seattle, May 16 – Pentecost Seattle – Faith and Justice for the 21st Century Seattle . Register now #
  • @spiritfarmer nothing new. We all knew you were that smart before the establishment gave your their stamp of approval. Congratulations!! #
  • RT @breyeschow: As promised, an invitation to write together as bloggers turned book authors collective – #

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