sound bites of life on 2009-03-13

  • Nice minnestroni soup and bread for dinner tonight. Thanks to our friends from Saint Mark’s for thinking of us. #
  • And the sweet sleepless nights begin. #
  • Enjoying the Ipod Touch Kindle app. Last night while trying to get Elías to sleep at 3:30AM I was reading Ghandi’s Experiments in Truth. #
  • @anglimergentTEC enjoy and conspire well. My prayers and good vibes will be with you all. #
  • Excellent!! #
  • @wbboyd that excellent was meant on response to your interview. #
  • Ricci and Elías are still napping. Catie is being creative at her desk. Gabrielito and I had a good cuddling and tickling time. Blessed! #

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