sound bites of life on 2009-03-10

  • Is a boy! #
  • Baby and mom are doing wonderful! Full head of hair and big cheeks. #
  • Photos of Baby Elías Oscar Rosario-Kilmer in Facebook #
  • @wbboyd Yes. His name is in the honor of my uncle and Archbishop Romero. 2 Saints. #
  • RT @sojourners: Holy Expansion: My Christian Carbon Footprint, Part 2: [continued from part 1] by @eliacin .. #
  • baby and mom slept well. Mom is doing great walking around. Dad changed plenty of diapers last night, I know there are more to come. #
  • At hospital caferia eating french toast (pretty cheap), drinking coffee and reading Cavanaugh while the mom and baby sleep. #
  • You know there will be a lot of sleepless nights, a Kindle 2 would make a fantastic gift for a father of a new baby. Whatcha think? #
  • @amazon hey I just had a beautiful baby boy, there will be lots of sleepless nights, how about a Kindle 2 for the new mom and dad. #

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