New Series: Cultivating Intentional Communities


This post starts a new series dedicated to the journey of cultivating and living in Intentional Communities (IC). The purpose of this series is to start a conversation as I share some of my experiences as life long practitioner and student of this way of life.  I hope to contribute to a deeper and practical understanding of the experience of living in community and to engage with the wisdom of the many of you whom are kindred spirit.

In the upcoming posts I’ll explore issues like:

  • Spirituality
  • Time management
  • Reasons – communal & individual 
  • Resources
  • Conflict management
  • Purpose 
  • Sameness vs. Diversity
  • Homogeneity vs. Unity
  • $$
  • Membership
  • Decision making
  • Kids
  • Visitors
  • Celebrations
  • Sustainability
  • Families in community
  • Food and Justice
  • Blessing and releasing
  • IC as hinder of growth
  • IC as greenhouse for transformation
  • Radical Discipleship
  • Locality – Urban, suburban, Rural
  • Sacred Rhytyms
  • models of leadership
  • new monasticism
  • Nocive ways of community relationships
  • among others…

Send me your suggestions of topics you would like for us to explore together. 

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