March 2009 MSA Seed Sampler: The Majority Future and Reconciliation

It is difficult for many white people to admit their privilege and dominance in society, especially American society. It is a sensitive topic, discussions of which at any great length can lead to hurt feelings, defensiveness, and resentment.

At MSA, we believe that reconciliation is at the core of God’s kingdom vision for the world. Biblical imagery depicting the New Heaven and the New Earth includes people of every tribe, nation, and culture. And if that is what God’s future will look like, shouldn’t we be trying to live into it now? Also, as an extra incentive, in the next 30 years, people of European descent will be a minority. Isn’t it time to give up our position on the ledge?

As Tom Sine will say in his article, churches should be at the forefront of reconciliation movements. In another article, Efrem Smith will describe his church’s attempts to build multicultural community in Minneapolis. Cliff Kindy reports on a reconciliation movement in eastern Congo assisted by Christian Peacemaker Teams, and Craig Greenfield of Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor talks about the role of the outsider in mission and service.

We should all be excited about the diversity of God’s kingdom now and yet to come. I hope these articles inspire you to move in that direction.


Judy Naegeli

Mustard Seed Associates

Seed Smile | World Storytelling Day!

Seed Story | Coming of the Majority Future, Ready or Not!, by Tom Sine, MSA team

Liturgy | Litany for a Commitment to Unity, by Rev. Helen Richmond, National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia

Reflection | The Reality of Diversity, by Eliacín Rosario-Cruz, MSA team

Seed Share | Building Community in a Multicultural Church, by Efrem Smith, senior pastor of The Sanctuary Covenant Church

Seed Share | Desperately Needed: More Outsiders—A Biblical Mandate for Cross-Cultural Missions, by Craig Greenfield, Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor

Seed Share | Taking the Initiative From Violent Actors, by Cliff Kindy, Christian Peacemaker Teams

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