“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

That is what seem to be the response of the USAmerican church in regards to the economic recession and it’s effects effects in the community. While businesses are creating new ways to stay afloat and increase capacity in this time, the USAmerican church is silent to her call to serve and be more generous than even in this crisis.

Tom Sine is asking this and other questions hoping to hear some good news.

By Tom Sine

Join the conspiracy…join the conversation.

Do you know of any churches that give a damn about our neighbors who are losing jobs, homes and resources to feed their families in this deepening recession??? We aren’t finding many congregations who have created new ways to reach to those in need near and far…but we are still looking. What are you seeing?

Would you join me in a conversation about why the church is doing so little to respond to our neighbors who are being devastated by this global economic meltdown and share any examples of those churches who are creating ways to reach out???

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