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Month: March 2009 (page 1 of 11)

sound bites of life on 2009-03-31

  • I’m not looking to be included or tolerated. #
  • Evening Prayer at the Mustard Seed House #
  • Still to do: unplug, drink a Fat Tire, a couple more pages in The Parallax View, brush teeth, go to bed. Let’s start with unplu… #
  • Feeling sick this morning. I patiently waited for my term, the kids, now me. #
  • In Seattle: Mustard Seed Associates looking for volunteers http://tinyurl.com/cqrtyv #
  • I’ve been ordered by Dr. Catie to work from the living room where is warmer and to drink lots of tea and water. #
  • @spiritfarmer feeling sick. #
  • MSA Easter Reflection Guide coming soon – A Journey Into God’s Resurrection-Created World #
  • Hot out of the oven – MSA Seed Sampler April 2009: Suburban Missional Church and Rural Intentional Community http://tinyurl.com/cysu9e #
  • @spiritfarmer maybe later in the week. We gotta coordinate some pipe time too. Weather is getting nicer. #

sound bites of life on 2009-03-30

  • RT @cwdaniels: Bushophobia and Obamania on Lacan.com http://is.gd/pF7v #
  • freeing Jesus from the chains of the white myth with the help of Rastafari popular theologians. #
  • name dropping: Morning Prayers with Catie, Gabriel, Elías, Ricci, Christine & Tom. Grocery run with Rosario-Kilmer fam., coffee w/ Forrest #
  • @traynor3 I can’t believe you just did. #

sound bites of life on 2009-03-29

  • Acá en Seattle descansando al ritmo de Roy Brown y Aires Bucaneros. #
  • Coffee, homemade scones, bus & Green Festival in Seattle. #
  • At Seattle Green Fest. 10 min into it and I’m officially overwhelmed. #

sound bites of life on 2009-03-28

  • Radiohead and Antonio Negri. I’m either too cool or too assimilated. #
  • nite, nite, you crazy kids. #
  • It is going to be an refreshing time fixing the car breaks under Seattle’s cool rain. #
  • Car with working breaks. Thanks to Chivo. Better clean all the yuck outta my hands. #
  • RT @jordoncooper: Top 10 Tools for a Free Online Education http://adjix.com/9cs9 #

sound bites of life on 2009-03-27

  • Planning to make some artisan bread over the weekend. Oh that after fixing the breaks of the new van. #
  • Sluggish. 9:00AM and no coffee yet. But that is about to be fixed. #
  • New Blog post: HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION – SHORT FILM ABOUT URBAN HOMESTEADING http://tinyurl.com/dzguzf #
  • Are you using @MrTweet yet? Besides recommending you to relevant folks, he also helps you discover them as well! http://mrtweet.net?v=12 #
  • How did I ended up doing laundry 4 days in a row?! #
  • is french pressing it. #
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