sound bites of life on 2009-02-25

  • Journey to Wholeness: a Lenten Reflection Guide by us at Mustard Seed Associates #
  • graphiking, which is different than traffiking just in case you were to profile me. #
  • Off to Ash Wednesday Service, as part of my journey in Remembering the Future. #
  • RT @grist: Coal Ash Wednesday: UK bishops call once again for ‘carbon fast’ during Lent. #
  • @problogger your Living Room blog was one of my firsts. We even IM a couple times in the late 90’s #
  • RT @wiselywoven: the emergence of an era of ethical economics: ETHONOMICS: #
  • Earl Grey, hot! #
  • when you enact ancient rituals/practices that remind you of future reality, you are Remembering the Future. #
  • @otherthan RT is retweet and if you have twitter to shown in FB, then the RT will show, just like this thing is showing now. #

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