sound bites of life on 2009-02-23

  • Catie made me a dreadlock wig to wear to Tom’s birthday dinner #
  • @markvans that new monasticism and radical christanity thing is over rated. #
  • @missional re:travel that is assuming that you have the privilege to afford it. #
  • The Oscars, seriously?! #
  • I truely adore my kids. #
  • My parents were doing the new monasticism thing in Puerto Rico long time ago, before it was the new radical hip thing to do. Just sayin’ #
  • @missional by making sure that is equal among people. Sometimes privilege need to be self limited in order to be shared. #
  • Share your privilege. Work toward others enjoying the same privilege you have even if that means that you’ll enjoy less. #
  • @wbboyd I don’t think that was me I would have said at least hi, Maknling me less a**holish. #
  • @missional man that is a question of concience am I am not the one to answer such a loaded one. Questions that help are… #
  • @missional have I done all I can a bit more to share it? How did I got it? At what expense does I getbto excersice it? #
  • at Cloud City missing my good friend Kiwiupover whom is now living down under. #
  • Homebrewing a new series of blog posts about living Intentional Community (IC). Topics: Philosophy behind it, Ideas, Resources, Questions… #
  • @spiritfarmer oh that what that thing is! #

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