sound bites of life on 2009-02-21

  • Why the heck did Jesus asked people to carry an execution aparatus designed to kill magicians, thieves and political subversives? #
  • @toddgrotenhuis it is hard to believe that he was using the unmentionable imperial execution tool as metaphorical. #
  • RT @humanspectrum: My Place or Yours: Embracing Mixed Ethnicity Saturday, February 21st, 10am-8pm at Wing Luke Asian Museum, Seattle #
  • Nice surprise call from Tomas Yaccino tonight. Always good to connect with los caminantes from La Red del Camino. #
  • Gardening day at the Mustard Seed House #
  • @iamjoshfrank re: empire- emergents of in-between cultures and emergents of color are always asking and living in the margins of the empire #
  • @iamjoshfrank re: empire migrants, exiles and redugees know well how to live creatively in-between and resisting empire assimilation #
  • @iamjoshfrank re:empire emergents need to engage more with communities in the margins questioning the dominant social cosntructs #
  • @iamjoshfrank re:empire and less on contextualizing and assimilating. #
  • Question and resist more, contextualize and assimilate less. #
  • @RayLevesque more like critical liberationist pedagogy applied to contemporary christian movements with a lot of café negro. #

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