sound bites of life on 2009-02-20

  • @markvans will be in Seattle we are planning a conversation about intentional communities at the end of next week. Hope to see you around #
  • The Incarnation embraces the totality of life. #
  • Conversation with @markvans @ Mustard Seed House on Friday Feb 27 @ 7PM. Open to everyone but let me know if you are coming. More info soon #
  • @iamjoshfrank say hi to Phyllis from me. #
  • RT @markvans: Greg Boyd: In this video, Greg Boyd shares how he stumbled into emerging kingdom movements.. #
  • Is drinking a Fat Tire after Community Evening Prayer and waiting for The Office. #
  • @wendy_johnson we tried to do the ustream at our Seattle meeting, but the wifi went sour. #
  • @iamjoshfrank thanks for the Phillys updates. No matter how many times I hear her talks, it is always gold. #
  • to the beat of Pandora 80’s Music Station. All the sudden I’m back riding a red BMX and mumbling these songs in an unintelligible english #
  • RT @ChristineSine: Just uploaded Lenten reflection – a meditation video #
  • @otherthan email it to me #
  • RT @hmichaelrich08: RT @guykawasaki: More Adults Giving Up Facebook for Lent #
  • Book Recommendation: Creating Life Together #
  • to the beat of The Fugees #
  • I was part of a ministry for 18 years and worked full time with them for 10 years and I didn’t even got a lousy t-shirt #
  • @patl i’m doing and eventbrite free registration to follow up on how many people might come – I’ll send you the link #
  • @timbednar MSA site is down. having problems with your server? #
  • RT @magpiegirl: nice post from Abbey of the Arts on photography as a sacred practice: #

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