sound bites of life on 2009-02-19

  • Back from hospital birthing center tour. Just 18 more days. Still thinking about names. #
  • @breyeschow Cruz is my last name Eliacín Rosario-Cruz #
  • @cwdaniels good to hear. We had to call the ambulance for our little one (2yrs old) last summer. It was very tense. #
  • @uchristian is Griffey going to be at your bible study? #
  • For Latinos our mestizaje and exile are symbols of our identification with a Jesus who also trangressed boundaries. #
  • @postmodernegro man, my father is so important to me. We’ll be praying for you and him today. #
  • I know I haven’t reply to your emails. I’ll get to it today. #
  • @hughlh then the questions is, who define us? #
  • To the beat of Willie Colon’s El Malo circa 1967 #
  • @hughlh man I wish it were that easy. #
  • @hughlh 140 characters is not the best. Still by you saying “you can’t fake that” you are already setting a definition on your own. #
  • @hughlh what if I were to say that it can be fake and many speak of us and community, but “us and community” been THEIR definition of it. #
  • reflecting on how living in-between cultures gives better understanding of life as follower of Jesus in the midst of the empire. #
  • USA as the melting pot of cultures? I am surprise people still use that concept. #
  • @Janetta have you connected with Ann Holmes Redding in Seattle yet. I saw you had a forum on islam and xtianity. She might a good contact. #

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