sound bites of life on 2009-02-16

  • working on Curriculum for Cultivating and Companioning Communities #
  • found an old forgotten sbux card with $15 on it. #
  • at Cloud City drinking some mighty strong coffee, working while listening to songs sang in Taino language. #
  • Was planning to go to the library but it is closed today. #
  • is looking forward the birth of his son in approximately 22 days. #
  • RT @episcopalcafe: Chaplains create sustainable Christian house. #
  • Open: Pandora (ambient), Scrivener, Postbox, Things. Shutting down: Tweetdeck. #
  • Thirty-thousand Haitians ordered to leave United States #
  • empty house, time to unplug and catch up on some reading. #

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