sound bites of life on 2009-02-10

  • @otherthan @spiritfarmer preaching? people still do that? come on that is so 1998. Unless it is postmodern preaching, which is so 2001. #
  • Join the Conspiracy… join the Conversation with Tom Sine #
  • @emergentvillage thanks. #
  • At Hothouse meeting at QCafe with city representative talking about homelessness issues in Seattle. #
  • We cannot surrogate mission with the oppressed to the State, the question us not what the gov is doing, but what is the church doing. #
  • @otherthan being the church. #
  • RT @msa: looking for stories for the next Seed Sampler on the Majority Future and Reconciliation. More info: #
  • @wbboyd hope you made it ok. #

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