sound bites of life on 2009-02-28

Full house at the Mustard Seed House with @markvans, @spiritfarmer, @janetta, @wbboyd, @christinesine an many others. # @spiritfarmer is out publicly embracing his new identity as a Mac. # @spiritfarmer Anabaptists might not have spiffy powerpoint, but they have good orator. # @spiritfarmer tell @markvans that he only has 15 minutes left. # if you […]

sound bites of life on 2009-02-26

back from a fantastic dinner and relaxing evening with ol’ friends and new ones. # yes ladies and gentlemen, that thing falling from the sky in Seattle, it is snow. # In Seattle – Friday, Feb 27 Conversation with Mark Van Steenwyk, Radical Discipleship & New Monasticism # @JohnnyLaird ‘nite, nite. # solving the […]

sound bites of life on 2009-02-25

Journey to Wholeness: a Lenten Reflection Guide by us at Mustard Seed Associates # graphiking, which is different than traffiking just in case you were to profile me. # Off to Ash Wednesday Service, as part of my journey in Remembering the Future. # RT @grist: Coal Ash Wednesday: UK bishops call once again […]

A Journey Into Wholeness: Lenten Reflection Guide

      This Lenten guide provides a focus on different areas of brokenness for each of the 5 weeks of Lent – the brokenness of our inner selves, poverty, homelessness, pollution, disunity within the church. It includes weekly reflections, litanies, and activities for each week. There is no charge however if you use it […]