The Common Root 09: creating our future in the shadow of Empire

The Common Root 09 is three weeks away. There is still plenty of room for registrations. This is a labor of love: we’ve worked hard to get great speakers and workshop leaders to come help us to pursue the shalom of Christ in the shadow of empire. We’ve kept costs as low as possible so that individuals and groups can come paying whatever they’re able (you can set your own registration price). The price is right. The speakers are awesome. The sessions are timely.

Register online At the Common Root 2009, we’ll explore ways of creatively embracing the in-breaking Kingdom of God in the shadow of Empire. We want to foster creative resistance as we seek community practices that bring shalom to a broken world.


Friday, February 13

1:00-4:00pm     Registration
4:00-4:20pm     Introduction
4:20-5:30pm     Main Session with Tom and Christine Sine (
join the conspiracy…creating the future one mustard seed at a time)

Dinner Break

7:30-9:00pm      Workshops

  1. Christine Sine: creating spiritual practices for lives and communities at the margins of the empire
  2. Tom Sine: creating new communities of sustainability, subversion, and celebration in the shadow of the imperial mall
  3. Jeff Wright: Cultivating Urban Kingdom Communities, pt 1 (planter’s track)
  4. Tanden and Erin Brekke: Resisting the Evil of Racism–Confronting Racism from a White Perspective

Saturday, February 14

9:00-10:30am    Workshops

  1. Greg Boyd: Jesus as Socio-Political Revolutionary
  2. Jeff Wright: Cultivating Urban Kingdom Communities, pt 2 (planter’s track)
  3. TBA: Practicing Hospitality in an Inhospitable Land
  4. Brandon Rhodes: Seeking Shalom in the Rubble of Empire

10:30-11:45       Main Session with Greg Boyd (The Rise of a New Kingdom Movement)

Lunch Break

1:45-3:00pm: Main Session with Carol Rose (Jesus roots, Peace fruits or Kudzu for Christ)

3:00-4:30pm: Workshops

  1. Jin Kim: Christian Leadership in a Multicultural World
  2. Carol Rose: Peacemaker Communities in Practice
  3. Jeff Wright: Cultivating Urban Kingdom Communities, pt 3 (planter’s track)
  4. Mark Van Steenwyk: Punks, New Monks, and Radicals–what we can learn from the “New Monasticism”

4:30-6:00pm: Main Session with Jin Kim (Revisioning the Beloved Community in the Age of Obama)

Closing and Dinner: We encourage folks to go out to dinner together in small groups to debrief and continue the conversation on their own.

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