sound bites of life on 2009-01-21

  • You mean USAmerican, right? Because Americans are all those born In the Americas. Watch out for your imperial language. #
  • @MHMorgan that would means Mexico as well. #
  • Bean soup and remembering Dr. King at The Mustard Seed House. #
  • Now, how much racial diversity is represented in your inaguration party? #
  • Very foggy in Seattle make me think of old movies about London and Jack the Ripper. #
  • Purposefully embracing the margins. #
  • @Brittian great day to start the day. Now you need some Susana Bacca for a soft and soulful way to end it. #
  • @jonmadison now is that the same Café Rico everyone drink in Puerto Rico? #
  • @jonmadison I might be wrong but I think I might have seen some at a market in aurora. #
  • The Common Root 09: creating our future in the shadow of Empire — #
  • @jakebouma la picará serpiente. #
  • Justice at Christ’s Table #
  • “This is the source of our confidence — the knowledge that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny.” Who’s us this? us or US? #
  • RT @amnesty: What Obama’s Presidency Doesn’t Say About Race #
  • isn’t it pride the original sin? a sanitized history and short collective memory follows it very close. #

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