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Month: January 2009 (page 2 of 9)

Truth from Israel: Young Conscientious Objectors

sound bites of life on 2009-01-26

sound bites of life on 2009-01-25

  • Watching a Manu Chau concert. #

sound bites of life on 2009-01-24

  • @julieclawson blogging, ah… I remember that time in my life too. #
  • @breyeschow I prayed retroactively for you. #
  • i lost my cultured code Things discount code, is there anyone out there who can come to my rescue? #
  • watching Firefly #
  • Evening prayers at Mustard Seed House #
  • Honda civic hatchbach 91 soon to be for sale in Seattle, neat little car. We’ll miss it, but it is too small for our growing family. #
  • Crazy morning, uneventful afternoon. #

sound bites of life on 2009-01-23

  • only 17 emails to deal with, but there at least 20 executable tasks on each of them. #
  • resting at home to the beat of 2 funny kids laughing out loud and playing hide and seek. Fantastic evening. #
  • afraid I’m getting sick. I’m a wimp when I get sick. #
  • Maybe a walk and a latte at Cloud City will do me good. #
  • getting organized and reading about Eric Hoffer – yes I can multi-task. Which means I do a lot of things poorly at the same time. #
  • invitation to Lenten Synchro-blog http://tinyurl.com/b254q8 #
  • Afternoon with the kids. Photography and Spanish class with Catie, running around with Gabriel. #
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