Jan. 2 at MSH – Holy Cooperation! Conversation with Andrew McLeod


Holy Cooperation Book

Tonight the Mustard Seed House will be hosting activits and author Andrew McLeod in a reading and conversation of his book Holy Coopertation: Building Graceful Economies. The Event is free bu registration is required.  Register online



Andrew McLeod will present his debut book – Holy Cooperation: Building Graceful Economies, Wipf & Stock Publishers- exploring the intersection between Christian teachings and cooperative economics: The first followers of Jesus created a social structure based on democratic control of their collective resources, which were shared freely and voluntarily.


This style of organizing can also be found in the modern cooperative movement, which is made up of thousands of democratically controlled businesses serving millions of members worldwide. This movement touches the lives of nearly half of Americans, and has grown into a comprehensive economic system in other parts of the world.

This presentation will include concrete examples of how we can get beyond addressing symptoms of injustice and build a new economy with justice and liberty at its core.

Andrew works all over the West Coast through a couple of nonprofit agencies, the California Center for Cooperative Development and Northwest Cooperative Development Center.

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