Dear church: “get yo’ monk on with your Anabaptist self”

This comes from my anabaptist monk friend from down under, Jarrod McKenna.

It’s being called “New Monasticism”, “The Anabaptist Conspirators”, “The Emerging Peace Church Movement”, “The Anabaptist Impulse”, “Submergent” and “The Common Root”. What is it? Well some like Tom Sine are suggesting it’s not just a faddish recovery of things lying dormant in the evangelical shadow-side of things shunned, rather a movement of the Holy Spirit. A movement of people seeking more authentic and transformative communal lives that witness to God’s new world of justice, peace and joy breaking into history in Jesus. And in the gentle strength of meekness they care calling to ‘the church at large’ to recover the deep histories of Christ-like communal witness that lay dormant in church history. (aka “get yo’ monk on with your Anabaptist self”)

Read more at Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service

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