sound bites of life on 2008-12-24

  • back from from bookstore. Book of the month, The Essential Foucault #
  • acá en Seattle acabando de adobar los perniles y enfriando el coquito para la cena de Noche Buena. #
  • @BenWheatley marinating the pork legs for a Puerto Rican Xmas eve dinner. #
  • Morning coffee and phone calls to family and friends in Puerto Rico. #
  • Morning prayers. Some reading. Some playing and then lots of cooking. #
  • People in Seattle live in a constant state of angst again their weather. They always complain – too hot, too rainy, too cold, too snowy… #
  • Making playlist for afternoon cooking session including Danny Rivera, Flobots, Cafe Tacvba, Ben Harper, Blue Scholars and Andy Montañez #
  • Let’s get us some maté, shall we? #
  • @traynor3 @garythansen that’s probably a good way to connect after the holidays with a guampa full of maté #
  • @justinbaeder yerba #
  • @justinbaeder Felíz Navidad para ustedes tambien. #
  • Oh the heavenly smell of pork roasting in the oven! #
  • @lensweet that could have been easily solved with a seasoning made of garlic (a generous portion of it), oregano, black pepper and sea salt #
  • wish you a Felíz Navidad! #

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