sound bites of life on 2008-12-23

  • everytime I hear someone say “everyone has a book inside them” I respond “and many of those books should stay right there, inside.” #
  • @msla warm toes, what a delightful concept. Enjoy. #
  • Damn you insomnia. #
  • Shoveling snow. I knew that someday I would put to good use all my experience of sand castle making in the Caribbean. #
  • @fremontabbess is still snowing. Come over tomorrow to be warm up with a homecook Puerto Rican family Xmas Eve dinner. #
  • Warming up before building snow fort in the back yard. #
  • Praying for traveling mercies for Dave, Jen, Drea, Corey & Zack as they begin a new life journey today. We will surely miss you friends. #

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