sound bites of life on 2008-12-22

  • Seagull TLR or Fed 5b? for self-Christmas gift. #
  • RT @TweetJeebus: don’t work too hard putting me back in Christmas. Put your family, your neighbors, and the less fortunate there first. tnx #
  • @julieclawson once that start there is no turning back. brace yourself for walking soon. #
  • see my friends, you missed church yesterday and you still alive today. If the Almighty was Ok with it, then drop your feeling of guilt. #
  • @jonmadison meh too. #
  • Google reader mark all as read button strikes again! #
  • @kt_writes @AaronMcGallegos I think reading blog posts is so 2006, I should blog about that. #
  • a guampa full of yerba maté is such a great companion on days like these #

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