sound bites of life on 2008-12-20

  • @justinbaeder I always do. The reason I didn’t use my hands to eat is that I didn’t eat at all. All I had was water. #
  • We don’t have to see ourselves reflected on a magazine or big screen to feel whole. #
  • Waffles and coffee on this sunny but cold Seattle morning. #
  • @lfbatista I want to hear those answers. #
  • maybe today I get to work on that overdue photobook. #
  • @breyeschow lucky you. or should i say blessed you? #
  • @jonmadison I’m looking for a seagull trl know of any place in town when i can find one – or is the web my best place to get it from? #
  • @Argon52 dude, a new bible ? go to a thrift store they have plenty of bibles already marked and tear stained. #
  • yep, we got snow falling again. #

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