sound bites of life on 2008-12-19

  • @lensweet I agree. but this is different than saying there is no other. no assimilation. but a “third” space in the encounter of the other. #
  • @otherthan and you’ll have a warm place to call it a night if you need it. #
  • @patl @spiritfarmer @jonmadison @otherthan you guys enjoy the food and the conversations. I’m a wimp, I do not drive in ice. #
  • quietly dreaming a world in which many worlds are possible. #
  • @Argon52 the snow came down yesterday in Seattle. You should ask for a raincheck. #
  • @otherthan time? #
  • @otherthan I’m at a coffee shop on 5th & 85st (our house is on 5th & 81st) give me a call when you are in the hood. #
  • @otherthan I need to be back by 2-2:30 though. #
  • I’m sitting right here #
  • @ChristineSine no. that where I was. #
  • Good hanging time with friends. But I was dissapointed to see some of them eat Ethiopian food with a fork. #
  • @JohnnyLaird where in America? Canada? Cuba? Mexico? Peru? USA? There are so many Countries in the Americas. #

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