sound bites of life on 2008-12-17

  • Reflecting in the insurrection of subjugated knowledges #
  • @justinbaeder #
  • @justinbaeder a coffee at The Blue Saucer is enough. #
  • The little project is shaping up. #
  • @wbboyd yumm, Gorditos!! #
  • someone accused me of coloring outside the lines. Which lines? Those are your lines, not mine. #
  • @otherthan lunch with @patl & @jonmadison @spiritfarmer sounds great. L8r in the week. We gotta do something before Dave Laird leaves US. #
  • Cultural criticism lesson tonight with Catie- watching No Resertvation Anthony Bordain at the USA/Mexico border. #
  • just Jesus you said? Whose Jesus I asked. #
  • @fraying congrats!! #
  • there is no spoon. #

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