sound bites of life on 2008-12-08

  • – Happy belated St. Nicholas Day! #
  • @breyeschow what, no sweet tea? #
  • Coffee, community morning prayers #
  • @spiritfarmer coffee soon? #
  • My 4yr old daughter wants to know more about Jean-Vanjean from Les Miserables after hearing about him in a quick storytelling last night. #
  • @spiritfarmer Wednesday is good – time? #
  • @patl monday is fine, but it depends where, what and time. I can’t do bar/pub night, it gets to pricey especially this month. #
  • @thomasknoll I was willing to write a book WITH you #
  • what good is a church that does not challenge the status quo or subvert the cultural narrative of oppression? #

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