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sound bites of life on 2008-12-26

  • Now for a quiet evening. Still missing my family and friends in Puerto Rico. #
  • RT @ChristineSine: New blog post – Previewing 2009 with Mustard Seed Associates http://tinyurl.com/7n2z68 #
  • Oh no she didn’t call me a bigot! Oh no she didn’t! #
  • holy smokes! More snow falling in Seattle. #
  • @knightopia mine is 1000+ once again. #
  • @Argon52 which airline? Or are you at a comedy club? #

Snapping the strings – chains of oppression re-visited

Whenever a movement happens and whites happen to dominate it, that means purposeful, intentional exclusion of others — every time! It couldn’t be that minorities simply weren’t interested, could it? No! We know that those racist bigots — erm, I mean our brothers and sisters in Christ — are out there, burning crosses in their bedrooms, don’t we? Your bigotry disgusts me. Get on your knees and repent.

The previous was a comment recently left on my blog in response to my post in God’s Politics about White Privilege and/in New Monasticism.

It is comments like this that remind me exactly why it is so important that as followers of Jesus, we move beyond the sugarcoated juvenile issues and ask the tough questions. But even more important is that we challenge the framework in which we ask those questions. In this particular case I was intentional in framing the issue of race and new monasticism within the framework of White Privilege. This was not done in an accusatory way, but as a way to expose a given pattern that otherwise would not be contested. The equation of use of the concept of white privilege with bigotry is typical way in which to force silence, by intent of inflicting social fear. The reality of this comment and others not as violent, is no other than an intent to censor those who dare critique the unconsidered assumptions and patterns that inform the way those in power experience and interpret life. This response is not a surprising one. This is not the first time such crude accusation have been made when I’ve brought up the questions of privilege. Same and worst accusation have been imputed to other sisters and brother whom have dared to challenge the given scripts.

If the church is to be a real place of radical hospitality and transformative relationships, it needs to deal with the social constructs in which it inhabit. The social expression of the church and individual Christians does not happen outside the artificial modes of thinking about the actuality of power and privilege.  We will do more damage than good if we keep addressing the issues of faith and social justice without questioning the given frameworks of racism, patriarchy, hetero/sexism, classism and elitism. It is by pushing further passed the strings and paradigm by which the church function that we as followers of Jesus can be honestly bring a healing alternative and prophetic voice. It is by rendering visible these chains of affliction that we can move from hollow cosmetic corrections and into real salvation and transformation. Given that we are blind to our own complicity and that we have the tendency to describe things to our advantage, we need the voice of the other for a broader expression of God’s goodness and liberation .

Communities and movements undertaking the revolutionary work of reconciliation and radical change must allow for a space of serious critique and non-conformity if we are to truly move beyond the systems of pain and oppression we oppose. This space for dissent and challenge is needed if we are to build up true relationships of oneness and growth.

sound bites of life on 2008-12-25

  • reflecting on the cosmic event of Incarnation. #
  • two years ago we were given the wonderful gift of our second baby. Happy Birthday Gabrielito!! #
  • reflecting on the bloody, painful, traumatic and messy miracle of the Incarnation of God in a foul smelling manger. Scandalous! #
  • @macheist thanks for all the mac app gifts. #
  • just saw a woman skiing down my street, in Seattle. #
  • Last Night Puerto Rican Xmas Eve Dinner, today Austaralian Christmas Dinner at the Mustard Seed House #

sound bites of life on 2008-12-24

  • back from from bookstore. Book of the month, The Essential Foucault http://tinyurl.com/8omhbe #
  • acá en Seattle acabando de adobar los perniles y enfriando el coquito para la cena de Noche Buena. #
  • @BenWheatley marinating the pork legs for a Puerto Rican Xmas eve dinner. #
  • Morning coffee and phone calls to family and friends in Puerto Rico. #
  • Morning prayers. Some reading. Some playing and then lots of cooking. #
  • People in Seattle live in a constant state of angst again their weather. They always complain – too hot, too rainy, too cold, too snowy… #
  • Making playlist for afternoon cooking session including Danny Rivera, Flobots, Cafe Tacvba, Ben Harper, Blue Scholars and Andy Montañez #
  • Let’s get us some maté, shall we? #
  • @traynor3 @garythansen that’s probably a good way to connect after the holidays with a guampa full of maté #
  • @justinbaeder yerba #
  • @justinbaeder Felíz Navidad para ustedes tambien. #
  • Oh the heavenly smell of pork roasting in the oven! #
  • @lensweet that could have been easily solved with a seasoning made of garlic (a generous portion of it), oregano, black pepper and sea salt #
  • wish you a Felíz Navidad! #

sound bites of life on 2008-12-23

  • everytime I hear someone say “everyone has a book inside them” I respond “and many of those books should stay right there, inside.” #
  • @msla warm toes, what a delightful concept. Enjoy. #
  • Damn you insomnia. #
  • Shoveling snow. I knew that someday I would put to good use all my experience of sand castle making in the Caribbean. #
  • @fremontabbess is still snowing. Come over tomorrow to be warm up with a homecook Puerto Rican family Xmas Eve dinner. #
  • Warming up before building snow fort in the back yard. #
  • Praying for traveling mercies for Dave, Jen, Drea, Corey & Zack as they begin a new life journey today. We will surely miss you friends. #
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