sound bites of life on 2008-11-20

  • what? we ran our of coffee?! Tragic. #
  • now coffee, well chai tea can do part of the trick #
  • Zoka can do a better cappuccino than this. Come on guys, it is cloudy and rainy outside, so don’t mess with my coffee this morning. #
  • acá en Seattle, lloviendo y con frio. Escuchando a Johnny Pacheco, La Esencia del Guaguancó. #
  • gotta love me some Rubén Blades station on Pandora. I know that Rodolfo & Tamara would be proud of my salsa station #
  • @patl done #
  • @spiritfarmer I told @rcarrasco to add “isn’t it ironic” every couple verses to see the secret power of the book of Isaiah #
  • @spiritfarmer bro, that is sad news. We’ll pray as well. #
  • At Zoka still, getting caught up with emails to the beat of Los Cafres – La Foto de Zapata #
  • heading home to look for West African recipies to cook later with Catie as part of her cultural studies/awareness project. #
  • @joshcp nice. #

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