sound bites of life on 2008-11-19

  • back to a delicious smelling home after an listening to Pete Rollins and afternoon coffee with @spiritfarmer and Ryan Sharp #
  • @justinbaeder are you at the Greenlake one (is that Wallingford?) anyway, Steve had to take Ryan to the train station. #
  • We are debt free, except that we are still paying part of the 60K it cost us to give birth to our son in a hospital 2 years ago. #
  • @patl sad to hear that. #
  • No one for evening prayers at MSH tonight. #
  • Reading to the beat of Balún. #
  • Woke up this morning singing Patria by Ruben Blades and the kids joined me playing their maracas. #
  • is trying to discern if he should head out to discernment meeting right now. #
  • feeling a bit blue in a surprising bright day in Seattle #
  • @toddhiestand let’s make it happen. Shoot me some times when it would be possible for you to connect via skype. #
  • At the library reading to the beat of Robi Draco Rosa, Song Birds and Roosters #
  • @ChristineSine yum!! #
  • Reading to the Brazilian beat of Seu Jorge. Looking forward to the black currant jam that Ricci and @christinesine are making. #

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