sound bites of life on 2008-11-18

  • looking fwd to the new Star Trek movie – #
  • Reading to the ambient sound of my crying son, whom does not want to go to bed. #
  • What do people exactly mean when they say “that would mean a lot to me”? #
  • @markvans such a cute kid from such an ugly father #
  • to the beat of Los Cafres – sinsemilla #
  • @patl thanks for the recomendation #
  • @joshcp nice. Now look for Cultura Profetica, from Puerto Rico and Los Pericos, from Argentina. #
  • conspiring with @markvans and Tomas Yaccino re: Common Root Event #
  • @spiritfarmer @patl February 13-15 in Minneapolis – Mr. Evans will be there as well. But not me, it is too close to baby’s due date. #
  • Heading out to Church of the Apostles, for a Dialogue w/ Pete Rollins #
  • @justinbaeder you can catch a second convo tonight at 7PM #
  • Hanging out at the Fremont Abbey with Karen before Pete Rollins take the mic. #
  • I agree with most of what I say, but not all- Pete Rollins #
  • This guy is hilarious! #
  • @spiritfarmer is like a hyper caffeinated philosophical stand up comedy gig. Profound and entertaining. #

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