sound bites of life on 2008-11-16

  • Resting at home. Going to Nickelsville Benefit concert at Q Cafe later on tonight. #
  • Growing family: a 6 y/o, a 2 y/o, expecting our third in March and a betta fish. #
  • @joshcp glad you made it home #
  • @markvans lie #
  • Listening to the ranging grannies. #
  • Jeff Greer is rocking the house! #
  • @markvans what I meant to say is that you’ve been working with and inspiring many communities for quite a long time. #
  • Jeff is channeling Bono. #
  • Full house at the Nickelsville Benefit Concert. #
  • Dulce de leche ice cream with Ricci #
  • Wishing I were at Open Church with Angel and the tribe in PR today. #
  • @jonmadison sorry to miss you last night. It was a long day yesterday so I had to spilt earlier. Did you got to hear Catie sing? Fantastic! #
  • @jonmadison not my Catie, but a young woman with her guitar she was awesome. #
  • @magpiegirl do cupcakes count? We are making a buch for Catie’s Birthday party this afternoon. #
  • Lazy Sunday morning reading – What Would Jesus Deconstruct? #
  • @traynor3 remember to take a potty break once in awhile. #
  • set up timer – 30min to clean up around the house. It goes better on small chunk of time. #
  • How did I ended up with 2 different books both titled- Remembering the Future. #
  • Setting up a prayer station for Catie’s birthday celebration this afternoon. #

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