sound bites of life on 2008-11-10

  • Potato Soup, bread, salad, discernment time and evening prayer at The Mustard Seed House tonight. #
  • fantastic tea and idea sharing time with Shane and Eugene tonight. So many conspiracies of goodness in the making. #
  • A vigil in memory of Los Desaparecidos – Shut down The School of the Americas #
  • Morning prayer at MSH – upon all farmers, market gardeners, foresters and all who work the land; Lord, have mercy #
  • Acá en Seattle, con frio pero Buscando Guayaba #
  • @aklinefelter See you in Memphis. #
  • @Kevinrains about time. #
  • con el cafécito y Willie Colón. #
  • @jonmadison talking to yourself is OK, as long as you don’t ask yourself to repeat what you just said. #
  • Putting more ideas up at the Alternative Calendar 09 – #
  • How do you celebrate Christmas Eve and Day in a meaningful way? Share your ideas. #
  • it’s a pretty day for a walk to the library. #
  • en la biblioteca buscando Café en el Campo. #

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