sound bites of life on 2008-11-06

  • @markvans I need to get some candy corn. #
  • @cwdaniels any link to milbank talk? #
  • @spiritfarmer and @janetta I’m glad you guys connected.That was one of the cutest cup of coffee I’ve ever seen. Trabant, am I right? #
  • @djchuang that’s because most USAmericans have no idea of how other governments function. #
  • evening prayer at the Mustard Seed House. #
  • I just realized that Kathleen Norris will be in town again, but this time I am missing her presentation. #
  • Yes that is a Vanity Fair Magazine on my desk, but let me explain… it has a good article on the economy by J. Stiglitz, seriously #
  • having coffee with Tom Sine this morning, I’m just sharing my mid-30’s wisdom with him. It is called reverse-mentoring. #
  • @patl huh? #
  • @patl I see. #
  • @justinbaeder duct tape #
  • @kimmersck that sounds delicious! #
  • Inga, Inga cuidao con la criatura #
  • @kt_writes I’m envious. #
  • Somos la melaza que ríe, la melaza que llora, somos la melaza que ama, y en cada beso, que conmovedora #
  • making paper masks with Catie, subverting the empire one beautiful act of love and attention at a time #

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