sound bites of life on 2008-10-29

  • @kt_writes glad to hear the goo came out. #
  • good to have morning prayers again with fellow communitarians at The Mustard Seed House. Ricci and I felt kinda lonely. #
  • more to come later this week on blog re: the religious centrality of voting and “if we can’t imagine anything better we are fxxked up.” #
  • @thomasknoll I want a signed copy! #
  • @Casmar Ya vi las fotos. Gracias por compartilas. Me dio mucha hambre cuando vi el gallo pinto y el platano maduro con queso blanco. #
  • @darrinreeves guess what I am listening to? Yes… Manu Chao #
  • at The Cloud, answering way overdue emails and planting seeds of new connections. #
  • “the soup fashioners” – which is the name my 5 yrs old daughter have for the 2 of us cooking together – resume their delicious magic today. #
  • reflecting on the imagery that is painted in how different the levels of enthusiasm are among Xians btween Easter & Election day #
  • @ChristineSine that’s funny, me too. #

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