sound bites of life on 2008-10-07

  • It took me stinking 1 hour on I-5 what it usually will take me 20 minutes. #
  • waiting for @markvans to show up so he can help me clean the room he is going to be sleeping in. #
  • @Casmar ‘ta nitido el look del blog. ahora te toca cambiarlo a #
  • at Mustard Seed House drinking coffee and eating apple cake with Tom whom just got back from his UK New Conspirators tour. #
  • @wbboyd enjoy your time with Diana. #
  • I just listened to Sigur Ros for the first time thanks to @darrinreeves #
  • @toddhiestand I just found my lost copy of that cd. I still digg the strings. #
  • @spiritfarmer are you at the hothouse? Whatever they are saying you know is not true. MSA team meetings are on Tuesday, so I can’t make it. #
  • @mattwiebe show, not tell. #
  • @mattwiebe that’s pretty funny. #
  • Reading Spitituality of Liberation to the beat of Sigur Rós #

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