Recession is Looming: How can we prepare?

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When we started planning this issue of the Seed Sampler, the near meltdown on Wall Street was still a few weeks away. We had no idea how pertinent this information would be become. In light of recent events, recession preparedness (and response) plans in churches and communities are going to be vital to the well-being of countless families and neighborhoods.

On September 7th, we gathered a group of church leaders to discuss methods of preparation and response for likely disaster. Tom Sine gives a fuller description of the event in the Seed Story, and the first Seed Share is a report of the ideas generated there. Read articles from Eileen Hanson and Rick Reynolds for new ideas and programs already in the works. Penny Carothers’ article documents the similarities between established disaster response plans and possible recession plans. And to keep a global perspective, Samantha Baker-Evans shares what the current crisis looks like in Cambodia.

You might notice that this issue of the Seed Sampler is coming a little later than it usually would. That is mostly because we wanted to include the most up-to-date information on the bailout plan and the likely future of our struggling economy, so that we can help you prepare. We hope that you will take these ideas to heart and reach out to the vulnerable in your neighborhoods.

Seed Story | Recession Is Looming: How Can We Prepare? by Tom Sine, MSA team

Liturgy | Prayer in the Face of Economic Downturn by Christine Sine, MSA team

Reflection | Abundance For Sharing by Christine Sine, MSA team

Seed Share | What Recession Looks Like In Cambodia by Samantha Baker-Evans, InnerCHANGE Cambodia

Seed Share | Report From the Brainstorming Session

Seed Share | Lessons Learned From Church Disaster Plans by Penny Carothers

Seed Share | How to Help the Most Vulnerable by Rick Reynolds, Operation Night Watch

Seed Share | Rediscovering the Domestic Lost Arts by Eileen Hanson, Trinity Lutheran Church, Lynnwood, WA

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