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sound bites of life on 2008-10-31

  • At Judy’s eating Vietnamese food. Judy wants to marry a New Zealand sheep farmer – any takers? #
  • Eating balsamic strawberry ice cream #
  • @spiritfarmer that’s right. #
  • @patl now you just did that to get me to tweet – what were you listening to? #
  • Man, this gray cold mornings are ugly, I think that is why I have been in such a bad mood. #
  • gotta clean my office if i want to be productive, which is why is all cluttered. #
  • “Blessed are those who embrace the electoral process with full devotion, because they will be call good citizens and heirs of Cesar.” #

links for 2008-10-31

  • Wonderful post by Rachelle Mee-Chapman answering some questions posed for her birthday.

    Compare ten years ago to now, what would you say are the major beliefs that have changed and how has that change changed you?

    Since then I have completely let go of evangelical doctrine. I don’t believe Christianity is the only way to God. I don’t believe in hell. I still love the transformational theology – that is, I think we can all continue to become more in-the-image-of-God by transforming more deeply into our truest selves—but moral ‘rightness’ and acquiescence to some religious standard (i.e. personal holiness) is no longer a tantamount for me.

sound bites of life on 2008-10-30

  • It is certainly hard to not let your left hand know what your right hand does in the age of shameless self-promoting social networks. #
  • who took the TV remote control? #
  • getting ready for morning prayers at the Mustard Seed House #
  • @davidfinch slow, not as productive yet. But I am optimistic it will. #
  • it is the small trivial ordinary things that unite us in community. #
  • Twitter says there is “something is technically wrong”, and it must be true, I’m not feeling very well. #
  • whoa! The Cloud is noisy today. #
  • talking with Fred at The Cloud who’s next art project is to interview cattle thru a bullhorn #
  • watch out I’m in a grumpy mood #
  • @patl when will you be back? Let’s schedule dinner with the fam @ MSH once you are in town. #
  • @magpiegirl thank you, it surely make things brighter #
  • looking forward to vietnamese dinner at Judy’s tonight. #

sound bites of life on 2008-10-29

  • @kt_writes glad to hear the goo came out. #
  • good to have morning prayers again with fellow communitarians at The Mustard Seed House. Ricci and I felt kinda lonely. #
  • more to come later this week on blog re: the religious centrality of voting and “if we can’t imagine anything better we are fxxked up.” #
  • @thomasknoll I want a signed copy! #
  • @Casmar Ya vi las fotos. Gracias por compartilas. Me dio mucha hambre cuando vi el gallo pinto y el platano maduro con queso blanco. #
  • @darrinreeves guess what I am listening to? Yes… Manu Chao #
  • at The Cloud, answering way overdue emails and planting seeds of new connections. #
  • “the soup fashioners” – which is the name my 5 yrs old daughter have for the 2 of us cooking together – resume their delicious magic today. #
  • reflecting on the imagery that is painted in how different the levels of enthusiasm are among Xians btween Easter & Election day #
  • @ChristineSine that’s funny, me too. #

sound bites of life on 2008-10-28

  • name dropping – good afternoon with Steve @spiritfamer Lewis, drinking coffee and smoking pipe #
  • hey Preacher, leave them kids alone #
  • coffee and Daily Office Lectionary #
  • good to have Tom and Christine back in the house. #
  • I think I lost my favorite traveler’s coffee mug #
  • At Northgate Library catching up on projects and doing research reading #
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