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Ricci’s blog The Revolution Starts at Home was featured this week in BlogHer.

Finding Simplicity | BlogHer

By Rachelle Mee Chapman
In a western commercialized society, is there any part of the spiritual path that is more difficult to practice than simplicity? The noisy-ness of our world can make it incredibly difficult to find a place where you can live with less, quite your monkey mind, and leave a smaller footprint on our good, earthy Mother.

That’s why I’m so thankful for my sister bloggers out there who keep on keeping on with the quest for simplicity, and offer their experience as assistance for the journey.

Ironically, the concept of simplicity can actually get quite complicated. That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce new blogger Ricci Kilmer, who has summed up her idea of simplicity here:

Simplicity is a means of identifying ourselves with our sisters and brothers around the world. (A story told to me by a college student returning from a short-term mission to Africa probably explains it best. In talking with the people where they were serving and building homes the Americans were telling about what their own homes were like. When it came to explain the purpose of the garage the Africans were incredulous, “You have a house for your car??? Many in our area have no houses at all!”)

  • Simplicity it a way to live lightly on the earth.
  • Simplicity is usually a slower-paced way of living day-to-day.
  • Simplicity can usually allow you to live with less expense and therefore opens up many choices you might not otherwise have (such as living on a single income.)
  • Simplicity allows you to have more to share with others, either of time or money.

Ricci is practicing what she preaches at the Mustard Seed House in Seattle, Washington. Mustard Seed residents are committed to learning to live simply in an urban environment. The community has been at it for years now, so it’s easy to trust the ideas Ricci is summing up and dishing out about everything from simple food to sustainable laundry. I’m looking forward to learning more from her succinct, insightful posts.

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