The New Monastics and Mosaic Leadership

A brilliant and truth-filled post by Gabriel Salguero as part of the conversation about New Monastics and Race at God’s Politics blog.

 The New Monastics and Mosaic Leadership: Otra Voz by Gabriel Salguero
A Historical-Contextual Perspective: This is no small point. Often in the public presentations, books, and conferences of these aforementioned movements, they are presented as something new going on. (I don’t think this is intentional.) I have been on college campuses and multiple emerging leaders’ gatherings where many well-intentioned next generation Christian leaders see these movements as if something new is happening. This dangerous omission often makes many indigenous grassroots workers feel like there is some type of cultural-capital being cashed in at the expense of life-long indigenous Christian leadership.  Present-day movements should continue to clearly tie and partner, when possible, with the legacy of the Black Church, the Latin-American and Latino(a) grassroots communities, abolitionists, faithful women’s movements, the South-African church, etc. around the world. Also the New Monastics, Emergent Church, etc. could learn and partner with the work of storefront Pentecostal and indigenous congregations who have lived and worked in economically challenging contexts for some time. Some of these leaders and pastors did not choose to relocate; they were born, raised, and chose to stay in these contexts.

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