sound bites of life on 2008-09-30

  • @JohnnyLaird Dave Laird is a great friend. How was the time with Tom last night? #
  • @josh_parrish I even have a helmet and a timbuk2 bag. #
  • @josh_parrish would you be interested in writing something about Texas Street Community for the MSA blog #
  • Google reader at 442 @spiritfarmer can you give me a summary of blogs activity in the last 2 days? #
  • I am wondering how is Tom Sine behaving in the UK. Has he got lost yet? He always do. #
  • @zen_habits have someone with you to keep you accountable. It is easier to do when you are not do it on your own. #
  • Reading a bit of anarchist social theories and Trinitarian theology #
  • @justinbaeder communities direct action democracy, organic self manage organizations, liberated communities #
  • Evening prayers at the Mustard Seed House #
  • mustard seeding #
  • @spiritfarmer did you got in trouble with the principal? #
  • @kiwiupover about time. Welcome. #
  • oh… the delicious smell of homemade marinara sauce is invading every corner of the house. #
  • @justinbaeder only happens if you have a weird name. #
  • How come I am still receiving WAMU offers in the mail? #

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