sound bites of life on 2008-09-23

  • there was so much noise around here about speak like a pirate day, but nothing about yesterday’s International Day of Peace http://ping. … #
  • Talking monasticism with @patl @jonmadison and the rest of crew #
  • Late morning prayers at MSH. #
  • sluggish #
  • @spiritfarmer let’s plan to go together. #
  • @jonmadison what’s the name of that beatboxing show again? #
  • great article by Naomi Klein on Resisting the Wall Street Shock #
  • looking for DIY ideas for an apple cider press. Do you have any ideas or links to share? #
  • looking for sites about DIY Apple Cider Press – any hints? #
  • @spiritfarmer next week sounds good brother. #

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