sound bites of life on 2008-09-03

  • @adamwc I used Easy Task and it was a disaster. I moved to and i’m loving it. #
  • What no twittering about the the RNC?! Where are the purple people I keep hearing about? #
  • 1000s of tweets about the opening prayer at the DNC and just one about the RNC – – I guess the purple just faded. #
  • collecting ideas for 2009 Alternative Calendar. #
  • meeting with @ChristineSine #
  • I’m putting together an alternative calendar of celebrations and activities for 2009 – send me your suggestions – #
  • We heard the heartbeat. #
  • @adamwc sure I would like to talk about church shopping. #
  • @Janetta role of elder and deacons in the 21st century – not as gatekeepers but as companions. Also people that would bless and release. #
  • What Living in Europe has taught me about living simple by @marpiegirl #

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