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Month: September 2008 (page 2 of 15)

Donations needed at Nicklesville, Homeless camp in Seattle

Contact info:
Phone: (206) 888 8051
Mailing address:
Meeting Location: 1902 Second Avenue (& Stewart)

Listen to Tom Sine conversation at Moot, UK

Via Moot Blog

Just in case you missed Tom Sines challenging and topical address to the Moot Community tonight, check out the Moot podcast here, recorded in two sections.

Toms wisdom is a challenge as we contemplate Moots desire to set up an intentional community and activities around social justice, in our eventual home we hope.

To listen to the podcast – click here
For details on the new book, click the book cover

This podcast is quite different to talks Tom is doing with other Emerging Church groups in the UK. He is speaking more indepth in Manchester with Sanctus 1, so if interested – click here

sound bites of life on 2008-09-28

  • According the Pacific Science Center a Hispanic Day means Mexican food, Mariachis and volunteers practicing their junior high Spanish. #
  • looking for fellow New Conspirators whom might be interest in becoming regular bloggers at the Mustard Seed Associates Blog. Give me a shout #
  • @patl We’ll be there. #

sound bites of life on 2008-09-27

  • “Gabriel, no beatboxing at the dinner table!” Gabriel is 20 months old. #
  • At Conspiracy 1 Party at D. House #
  • Listening to the lonely forest at Conspiracy 1 party. #
  • These lonely forest guys are pretty good #
  • @magpiegirl Enjoy. You’ll be missed around here. #
  • back from Conspiracy 1 party. Good beginning to the series. Raised $1200 for relief work in Darfur. #
  • “leader of the free world”? Nor is he the leader of the world, neither is his country free, it’s own by corporations #
  • de camino hacia El Día de la Familia en el Pacific Science Center. http://ping.fm/6GsW0 #

sound bites of life on 2008-09-26

  • @ronsims any comments about Nickelsville? #
  • On my way to Cloud City Coffee listening to the fantastic Fito Paéz #
  • Where is my cacerola? I might be force to go into the streets singing “Que se vayan todos!” #
  • Live feed of homeless camp eviction and arrests in Seattle – http://ping.fm/cDtx0 #
  • Dustin, part of the Mustard Seed House, might be arrested for protesting homeless camp eviction. Keep him in your prayers. #
  • reading In Distrust of Movements by Wendell Berry http://ping.fm/bQNYU #
  • @jonmadison I was not there. Dustin was indeed part of the protocolary arrests. He is was let loose after singing some country songs. #
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